• Our “Residence by Sandoway”  proudly opened its doors in February 2014 as the second property branded “Sandoway”.  A brand new concept that features 14 rooms located in a peaceful stripe of land with direct access to the beach, The Residence is set to provide the guests with the same quality of service and tasteful design as its sister property but in a more casual key that can become the ideal destination for various kinds of travelers.
  • 2014 marks a milestone for The Sandoway Resort as we are proudly announcing the celebration of our 15th anniversary. Ownership has celebrated with its passionate Team that happily witnesses the presence of many “veterans” who have been key players of the Sandoway success from its pre-opening up to date
  • In 2005 February  the Sandoway Ownership funded the construction of a medical dispensary located behind the Resort that would primaly serve the purpose of providing medical care to those people in the local community who could not otherwise afford any assistance. Managed by AMFA, a French medical NGO which has been actively involved in creating health assistance in the most remote areas of the country, our dispensary is available for minor health assistance to the guests and it's also thanks to their sensibility and donations that it keeps running and supporting people who are needing free medical assistance to ensure their survival.
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