1. Where are you located?

    We are located in the peaceful Mya Pin Bay on the coast of Ngapali Beach, Rakhine State

  2. How far is the airport?

    Twenty minutes driving distance

  3. Is the area safe for foreigners?

    Although the Rakhine State has appeared in the worldwide news as affected by religious conflicts the coastal area where the Resorts are located hasn't been affected by any sort of uprising, protest or dangerous situation for tourists of any nationality.

  4. What is the climate like in the area?

    Ngapali has two main seasons: hot and dry with most likely no rain from mid November to April, humid and wet from May to October being these months the beginning and end of monsoon season.

    The south-east Asian state of Myanmar (previously Burma) is emerging as an attractive holiday destination, revealing its ancient mysteries and breathtaking beauty to the world. One thing about Myanmar which is not a mystery is its climate: with its southern tip almost nudging the equator, and it’s extremely long shoreline along the coast of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman sea, it is no surprise to learn that the climate in Myanmar is classically tropical, complete with monsoon seasons.

    In a nutshell, the weather in Myanmar is hot, humid and wet, all year round, but there are variations in temperature and incidence of rainfall to be had depending on location and season. The positive aspect of monsoon rains is that they tend to fall mainly in the afternoons and evenings, leaving sunny mornings for sightseeing or enjoying the beach.

    Overall Myanmar’s coastal regions receive in excess of 5,000 mm (196.9 ins) of rain each year. The country is fortunate to have a central “dry zone”, protected by mountains, where the annual average is below 1,000mm (39.4 ins).
    When it comes to temperature, the average on the coast is 32°C (89.6°F), exacerbated by high humidity, but it is generally cooler in the northern mountains, and the interior around areas like Inle Lake and Bagan.

    The climate of Myanmar is traditionally divided into three seasons: a hot season, from March to April, the rainy season between May and October, and the “cool” season from November to February. The weeks preceding the monsoon bring steamy heat, particularly along the coast and Delta regions, then the rains set in in May, often bringing floods and overflowing rivers. When the monsoon tails off in November conditions become marginally cooler, sunny and there may even be the relief of cool breezes on occasion.

  5. How many room categories are available at the Resort?

    We have 5 different room categories:
    - Villa Beach Front
    - Villa Sea View
    - Beach Front Cottage
    - Village Cottage
    - Deluxe Rooms

  6. How many restaurants there are at the Resort?

    There is one restaurant serving all the meals à la carte and one bar where only drinks are served

  7. Which payment methods are accepted to settle the bill at the Resort?

    We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as cash payment by Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Local Kyats and Swiss Franc

  8. What is check-in and check-out time?

    Check in is at 14:00 and check out at 12:00 noon

  9. Is late check-out available?

    Yes, but only subject to availability and can't be confirmed upon reservation

  10. Does the Resort offer smoking/non-smoking rooms?

    All the rooms are non-smoking and smoking at terrace.

  11. Does the Resort provide currency exchange among the services?

    Yes, it is possible to exchange the major currencies with the Cashier at the Reception desk; however we will accept a minimum 50 USD and a maximum amount that ranges within 300 USD

  12. Can the Resort book airplane tickets?

    Only domestic flights tickets can be booked and reconfirmed at the Resort; unfortunately we won't be able to assist with international flights reservations and reconfirmations

  13. What kind of activities and sports are available?

    At the Resort we provide bicycles for the guests to enjoy sightseeing around the villages on the coast, we can arrange transportation to visit the Thandwe market and its pagodas or we can assist them in organizing a boat trip with the fisherman who will take them sightseeing around the coast while taking a break fishing or snorkeling. A very popular sport activity among the tourists remains jogging along the 3 km sandy beach stripe where our Hotel is located.

  14. Is room service available?

    Unfortunately we do not offer room service

  15. Do you have wi-fi access?

    Yes, we have free wi-fi access available in the public areas

  16. Do you have fitness facilities?

    No, we do not have fitness facilities within our premises

  17. What types of treatments and services do you offer at your Spa?

    Our Spa menu includes the following:
    - Tropical back, full body and foot massage
    - Exfoliant body care
    - Aroma massages: relax, flow, tonic and detoxifying
    - Aroma and Classic Facial
    - Manicure
    - Pedicure
    - Shampooing and blow drying
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